That Which is Left Unspoken (Part 2): What parents wish they could tell teachers

Friday, May 4, 2012

You may have caught my blog earlier this week on what teachers wish they could tell parents.  As someone who's sat on both sides of the table, I decided it was only fair to voice the thoughts of the parents too.

  1. Don’t lecture me on my failures as a parent.  I’m doing the very best I can.  Please offer me suggestions on ways I might better help my child.  I want to; I just don’t know how/lack the resources.
  2. I’m sorry that you have problems in your personal life.  I will help if I can.  But this is my child’s only chance to learn (fill in the blank) and you are his/her guide, and your personal problems are getting in the way of your ability to do that. 
  3. I may not be an expert in your classroom, but I am an expert on my child.  I also have some experience in education, as a student, in the workforce, and in my home.  Don’t discount my opinions.
  4. If my child is happy in your classroom, I’ll be happy too.  I don’t mean that you can’t hold my child accountable or that you can’t challenge him/her.  I do mean that my child feels as though you respect him/her.  I hold you accountable for how much my child learns and how he feels about that learning.
  5. I love my child.  I know my child in a way that no one else ever will.  I have invested years into molding and shaping this child.  I am biased.  I know my child isn’t perfect, but I want you to love my child in spite of his/ her shortcomings.  When we meet I want to feel like you’ve come to know my child and to appreciate him/her.  I want to know you see my child’s unique magical spirit, and only then am I willing to listen with an open mind to how we can work together to improve my child’s weaknesses by playing on his/her strengths.


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